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Here’s a one-stop shop of opinion pieces, information, and updates on GIS-related topics to inform, update and engage you.

Field worker collecting data with Sweet for ArcGIS
How Sweet for ArcGIS can help your organisation’s GIS
From optimising resources, to increasing productivity, here are some insights about how Sweet for ArcGIS might just be able to enhance an organisation's geographic information system.
Someone drawing a GIS flowchart on a glass board
How to bridge knowledge gaps and create common understanding
GIS is an industry that intersects so many fields. Coupled with the diversity, wealth of experiences and many perspectives that individuals bring, it makes GIS an exciting space to work. But it can also make it difficult when it comes to knowledge gaps. This blog is a Tech Talk that was presented at this year’s Locate conference and focuses on the opportunity that knowledge gaps create within our organisations. It talks about taking advantage of knowledge gaps through the implementation of models as a key communication tool.
Onneer's GIS expert navigating ArcGIS
The state of the Australian geospatial sector
Onneer managing director Ben Berghauser walks through his personal thoughts into where he feels the geospatial industry is sitting in Australia. His insights are based on a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills living and breathing GIS using the ArcGIS platform.
A group of people around a fire
September 2022’s top five tales told in ArcGIS StoryMaps
In this technological age where it seems everything is electronic and digitised, story telling has evolved in leaps and bounds. Have a look at these curated digital stories told in StoryMaps.
Women in STEM
Women navigating the GIS world
Here's a tale about two women from different generations who have achieved success in the GIS world despite the hurdles reported by industry and government.
What's your story?
August 2022’s top five tales told in ArcGIS StoryMaps
Capturing and telling stories has been happening since the dawn of time from cave wall drawings to papyrus etchings, to story tellers regaling young campers over a fire. Leapfrog to now when the internet has become enmeshed in our lives, and technology and systems have evolved to a mind-boggling degree, the telling of such stories has seen an electronic format added to the arsenal. Read more about these StoryMap tales.
Saving our planet
GIS - how it's saving the world
Amidst all the depressing news about our failing stewardship of planet Earth, there is reason for optimism and hope. GIS and the tech-savvy people who know how to use it are doing the heavy lifting for the majority. Read on to find out how they're saving the world.
Recruitment selection
Generic versus bespoke – are GIS role titles becoming too broad?
A GIS professional doesn't just makes maps. Or they can, but there is so much more to the role than the recruitment agencies might think and there is a risk that the generalised titles are making the roles too generic. This blog discusses the current state of play.
Sabotaging with language
Are you sabotaging capability with language?
There is one seemingly simple thing GIS professionals can do to improve spatial capability outcomes or at least consider how they might inadvertently be sabotaging success in their other efforts.
Going up the corporate ladder
Shifting gears – how to make a career change into the GIS field
If you've been thinking about moving into a GIS career but haven't been quite sure how to do it, this article will be right up your alley.
How do we address the geospatial skills shortage in Australia?
Companies claim their recruitment drives to fill roles are attracting fewer applicants year on year and with job ads hitting a 12-year high it’s no real surprise. It’s also not surprising that globally, there is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills shortage and, as a result, the geospatial industry is feeling the pinch.