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A geographic information system is more than just GIS software; it’s also about the people, processes, data, and the platform it rests upon. Onneer understands this and works to integrate these four pillars to deliver the best version of your organisation’s capability.

Empower your people

A GIS that aligns with your people’s skills and needs is important to a successful system.

To achieve this, our GIS consultants work with your team to understand their needs and wants and explore your technology’s capacity.

We also assess your team’s skills and identify any gaps, to ensure their development is in step with your GIS vision.

Enable your process

How well your organisation manages information, communication, and GIS data is vital to your GIS system. Without the proper attention, business processes and methods can become more of a hinderance than a help.

Knowing this, we leverage our experience implementing large scale ArcGIS systems into complex environments, ensuring that your processes match organisational needs and the user capability.

Manage your data

Data underpins a system’s potential to deliver.  

We make sure we understand your GIS data, how it’s used and your future data needs. This can include cleansing existing data, removing unused datasets or finding and using external assets.  

Our GIS consultants will help you make the most of what you have and ensure you have resources to achieve your organisational goals, all while maintaining consistency and quality within the system. 

Optimise your platform

As an Esri Silver partner and Esri System Ready specialist, we get what it takes to manage, configure, and optimise your ArcGIS Enterprise GIS. We stay current on system capability and apply Esri best practice guidelines in all systems delivered. 

By applying a `configure before customise` mantra, our expert GIS consultants check if the system can meet your needs before creating a custom solution to ensure more resilient long-term support. 

  • Advisory and review service
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    Need advice?

    Sometimes an extra set of eyes can make the difference. Let our expert GIS consultants help. They’ll lend their industry-leading perspective on your system needs.

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