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How can we help?

Onneer provides premium services ranging in levels of engagement. Check out how we can meet needs, big or small, to meet your GIS data needs. Get in contact when you’re ready to chat.

Advisory and review

We make sure your ArcGIS Enterprise system is running as it should be by doing a thorough audit. 

These services can include check-ins about your technical architecture, on-call advice or consultancy, through to business and technology capability reports, and staff training and development reviews.

Using our expert GIS consultants, we arm your team with the ArcGIS information they need to maintain and support your system.

Two ArcGIS experts shaking hands upon meeting to discuss mapping software

Short-term engagement

We can get you or your project back on track fast. 

Onneer provides short-term engagement services including the use of our experienced and professional ArcGIS consultants so you can back-fill your team, create a product, or write a strategy. Whatever your GIS needs—from mapping software, GIS maps, or GIS data—we provide the stopgap. 

Full project delivery

If the solution is just out of reach, you might find it’s easier to have the ArcGIS experts deliver the project for you. 

We will deliver a sustainable and scalable GIS software system for you. And when the system is ready for handover, we ensure you have the documentation and skills for your ongoing management. 

We’ll help you succeed with minimal business disruptions. 

A GIS consultant providing expert GIS data advice as represented by an arrow.

Learn how we do it

You can rest easy because our approach to any GIS issue is comprehensive. We’ll first use our processes to understand your organisation, then we’ll look to the four pillars: the people, process, platform, and GIS data aspects of your system. 

After applying these pillars to our plan-deploy-operate delivery model, we iterate and deliver against your organisation’s GIS goals. 

You can read more about our ArcGIS expertise, our GIS consultants, and our experience here.