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More about us

Onneer specialises in operating, maintaining and integrating large-scale ArcGIS Enterprise systems. We deliver solutions that align your Enterprise GIS needs to your organisation’s business objectives.

Our delivery methodology

Onneer’s delivery framework hinges on understanding your people, process, data, and platform.  

Once understood, we work with you to ensure the plan meets your goals, and once approved, it’s time to deploy it. This means establishing physical architecture and business processes, staff buy-in, and that the system continues to align with the goals, and it’s performing correctly.  

We then move into the operational phase where processes and deployment are finalised with your team. From here we transition into a working platform. We onboard core users and hand over the system including the associated documentation to maintain it.  

When completed, the process starts again which enables it to grow as you need it to. 

Our expertise

Our multidisciplinary team comprises specialists in training and support services, business analysis, writing, through to ArcGIS certified professionals, so we know how to connect every aspect of your business to get the most out of your GIS system.   

The team is led by Onneer founders and directors David Robinson and Ben Berghauser, who between them have more than 40 years’ experience in the industry.  

Our people

Onneer aims to build a workforce of GIS professionals from new graduates through to subject matter experts. We want to progress the GIS industry and create a space for professionals to deliver some of the best GIS systems in the country. 

The team is led by some of the keenest minds in the industry who will accept any challenge thrown their way.  

Our values

A GIS consultant sitting near a magnifying glass to represent the work being done to identify GIS data issues.
Holistic GIS

All GIS systems require a focus on all parts of an organisation, not just the technology to make it successful.  

An ArcGIS consultant’s idea on mapping software solution is demonstrated by a giant glowing light bulb.
Never stagnant

Technology is ever-changing and we adapt with it. We strive to stay at the leading edge of our industry and its capabilities.  

Two ArcGIS experts shaking hands upon meeting to discuss mapping software

We aim to always give the best advice and solutions possible for our clients.

A GIS consultant holding a flag.

We actively work to remain leaders in the industry and strive to promote its growth and development.  

Security and protection

Your system’s security is of the utmost importance, and it will reassure you to know that Onneer is 100% Australian owned and has a portfolio of projects delivered in complex environments in secure networks including that of the Australian Government.  

We have a deep understanding of security frameworks and delivering projects against these using ArcGIS Enterprise. We understand the importance of maintaining and operating in accordance with global security standards.

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

In February 2022, Onneer’s directors committed to the reconciliation movement to help build relationships, respect and trust between the wider Australian community and Australia’s First Peoples citing that “it was time”. 

They felt it was also time to make an impactful contribution to help bring parity between nonIndigenous Australians and First Nations Australians in the areas of well-being that Onneer employment offers or any employment for that matter.