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Two ArcGIS experts shaking hands upon meeting to discuss GIS software.

Join our team and discover your GIS potential

At Onneer, we believe in the power of innovation, dedication, and passion in shaping the future of the GIS industry. We continually seek individuals ready to explore their potential and make a significant impact. 

Two ArcGIS experts shaking hands upon meeting to discuss mapping software.

Current Vacancies

Explore our open positions by clicking on the vacancies listed below. Apply directly through the job advertisement for immediate consideration.

Tackle complex geospatial challenges leveraging the ArcGIS software suite by leading the strategy, transformation, and analysis of spatial and non-spatial datasets in collaboration with diverse stakeholders. 

A GIS consultant sitting near a magnifying glass to represent the work being done to identify GIS data issues.

No Current Openings? No Problem!

If we don’t have any active vacancies, we still encourage you to connect with us. By registering and completing a SFIA self-assessment through the link below your profile is considered first for all future opportunities. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register with Onneer: Create your profile from the link below to register your interest in our upcoming positions. We check the registered candidates before any job ads are posted.
  2. Complete the SFIA Self-Assessment: This allows both you and us to gauge your skills and competencies accurately. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your professional capabilities and show us what you can bring to the team. 
    The self-assessment may take up to an hour to complete, but you will receive a personalised SFIA profile that can be downloaded for your own use in other applications outside of Onneer.
  3. We'll contact you: Once registered and assessed, you’re all set. We have the necessary information to reach out as soon as a suitable position emerges.

Join us as we continue to deliver exceptional GIS Capability